To Inspire, Lead and Engineer the Next Generation of Creative Pioneers to Alter their Consciousness towards Joy and Bliss.

Flozone Academy (FZA) is an online educational platform with transformational coaching programs. 

We work with leaders, creatives, students, entrepreneurs, businesses and coaches to bring more FLOW, a state of peak performance to your life and the lives of your clients.

It’s Founder-Director and Head coach is Sumedh Chatterjee – A Positive Psychologist and Peak Performance Coach (Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology from London UK).

FZA is dedicated to helping talented creatives and individuals with information overload and emotional overwhelm to generate inner peace and long-term happiness. 

This coaching program will help you to awaken your inner genius and decode your subconscious blocks and put your inner critic asleep, so that you can live your most FLOWING life.

It may be confusing, how getting into the flow state (one of the main objectives for the program) can at the same time bring one back in balance. But as you delve deep into the program and you will experience it for yourself.

We aim to advise our clients with accountability, resources and coaching sessions that will help them to level up to be their “Best Possible Selves”.

Sumedh Chatterjee himself will be your catalyst and guide to lead you into that change.

We promise you the most unforgettable time of your life as you gradually get in the zone through weekly interactive lessons.

This program will use tools from Positive Psychology (the Science of Wellbeing and Happiness). Whereas mainstream Psychology focuses on people’s deficits and weaknesses, Positive Psychology focuses on a person’s strengths and potential.

Additionally, Sumedh will use various creative approaches such as applying theatre techniques (from his Theatro-Plasticity Method), different coaching models, psychological theories, Binaural Brainwave entrainment, use metaphors, archetypes, everyday alchemy and Neurolinguistic programming (NLP).

This is going to be a fascinating journey through the depth of your own mind when you will come out much stronger. 

The services of FZA keep the client at the centre, are future and solution oriented, and will inspire you to pursue self discovery. This program will help you utilize Flow, a state of Peak performance.

Think of Sumedh like a subconscious guide, a facilitator or a catalyst towards your self-actualization.

May you never be the same again.

-FZA est. 2018

"Join me, as I demonstrate, that reality is but a puppet of your magnificent mindset."

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