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  • -- Founder of Flozone Academy
  • -- Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology
  • -- Brain Entrainment Expert and Mindset Reprogrammer
  • -- Global Happiness Consultant
  • -- Transformational Flow-State Coach

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For over several years, Global Transformational Flow-State Coach, Sumedh Chatterjee has worked closely with students, actors, athletes, CEOs, and superachievers in all walks of life to unlock their authentic gifts and true capabilities.

My life story has been one of escape. “How can I escape the present moment”?

Tune out.
Numb my emotions.
Avoid conflict.
Keep my head down.
Be a people pleaser.
Be a class clown.
Be introverted.
What changed?
My identity and mindset.

I realized I was adding labels, stories and past conditioning to dictate my present moment.
The change came when I started acting and rapping on stage.


It made me lighter, more fluid, like I could shape shift into anybody I’ve ever wanted to be.
I was in the state of Flow and I wanted to figure out… what this feeling was?
Why did I feel so in the zone? How come I felt so aligned to my purpose?
Eventually I decided to delve into the rabbit hole of personal growth and Positive Psychology to
learn more about it.
Years later, I had realized that my own consciousness and cognition was blocking my progress…
I worked with top mentors in the coaching space.
Dissolved my limiting beliefs and came out of the other side: radiant.
Now this journey wasn’t easy… I went ALL IN.
Pretending you are less than you are is a lie to yourself and the world around you.
It’s not fake it till you make it… it’s act it out until it becomes your default…
And the story you tell yourself is the cage around your potential…
When your internal state shifts with invaluable consistency, so does your life.
I learnt that I wasn’t a loser, I was a winner in transit.
Overtime, I realized Flow state is my potent medicine to bring to a mishandled Peak performance
And that is the journey I will guide you through.

"This flow state is the same amongst all individuals no matter your culture, age or looks."


Our mission is to reprogram the minds of future leaders, from a Low Consciousness (drained, low self-worth, pessimism ) to a Flow Consciousness (innovative, adaptable and high on life!)

My purpose is to bring the potent medicine of the “flow state” to a mishandled human condition. I wish to impact 1 Million + People directly or indirectly with the magic of the Flow State. Through rituals, syntax, imagery and rhythm, I help to raise consciousness by combining Western productivity with Eastern philosophy. By combining both the metaphysical and physical worlds, there is an integration happening… as they blend to create a harmony for the sweet spot for any lasting breakthrough transformation work.

I’ve spent the last 6 years helping leaders ( just like you ) to bring more optimal levels of performance, creativity, healing and productivity in people’s lives. Through heart-centred coherence, channeling and rejuvenation, I am grateful to be able to merge my strengths with my talents to bring to you a range of hassle free techniques, personalised advice and perspective shifting refinement.

Throughout my career, I’ve shared the same techniques I’ve learnt from countless mentors and invaluable resources with the talented creative pioneers. There is information overload and emotional overwhelm out there, however with a variety of tools, a strong mental ecosystem and sacred accountability can help anybody wanting to generate a long-term general wellbeing and embodied euphoria for themselves.

This feeling is the same amongst all individuals no matter your race, culture, age or looks.

If you’ve been searching for alternative ways of going from coping to thriving, I’m here to help you fall in love with the process of maintaining an internal mindset adjustment echo chamber of evolution once again. It’s time for you to awaken to your true and best self. 

Everything can change with a single conversation. I’ve experienced it countless times myself. Aha-moments or epiphanies which have shattered me past any glass ceiling holding me back. And if you’re ready to stop repeating the old familiar sabotaging patterns keeping you stuck, I’d honored to have that chat with you to assist with your Flowakening path.

Please, reach out and tell my team and I how we can serve you on your Flow-state journey. And I can’t wait to help you to awaken to your majestic unfolding.

I look forward to hearing from you.

May the Flow be with you