Here’s what FZA has to offer you

Getting Into FLOW STATE Flow is that feeling of being in the zone, time stopping for you and an ultimate immersion into the task at hand. It will bring you peace of mind, reduce your stress and help you to accomplish more.You can experience life and be more present when you have peak experiences. You will feel more fulfilled, there will be a sense of joy and your quality of life will improve in leaps and bounds.


 A sense of inner clarity- you know what needs to be done.
 More concentration and focus, an ability to be present to the moment.
 Gain confidence and a sense of accomplishment.
 Discover your True Purpose.
 Realise how your Pain-Body is Sabotaging You (and How to Stop It)
 How to Create substantial Wealth doing what you Love
 How to create a True Vision that will Inspire you
 Learn the Levels of High Level Creative Awareness
 Learn how your Imagination will Guarantee Success
 Discover the Secret to Unconditional Love
 Learn the Core Beliefs that make up your Identity
 Identify the root cause of your Anger, Fear and Depression
 Learn how to Attract your Soul Mate.
 Remove the noise in your head so you can communicate with a Pure Vibe. 

 Inner peace, stress relief and relaxation
 Accelerated learning and problem solving.
 Improve your social confidence and fear of standing out.
 Allow your ego to vanish and have time slow down for you.

FZA helps creatives find Confidence,Wealth, Purpose and Joy in their own Dimension. You can engage in either a three-month or a one-month Coaching Program through phone, video calls, meetings and chat support. The coach will be available through email and Facebook as and when the client requires.


Using Positive Psychology Interventions
GROW Coaching model
Humanistic Coaching model
Guided Mindfulness Meditation
Flourishing or Languishing – Positivity Ratio
Binaural beats and brain entrainment
Loving kindness Meditation
Everyday Alchemy/Hermetic Principles
Science behind the Law of Attraction
Gratitude journal
Best Possible Self   Savouring the moment
Getting into the flow state through various tools

And Many More!
Here is the structured model we will be following:

THIS IS THE B-E-S (Belief- Experiment- Skills) Model.



1. VISION- This first phase will be about Believing, Imagining and Visualising the results you want, going through the process. We will disprove the Myths of manifestation and look into the Science and art of the Law of Attraction and create tools that will help you get exactly what you Flozone Academy- Copyright 2018 desire. Here we will focus on the goals you wish to achieve.

2. VENOM- Here we will be removing past trauma and limiting beliefs. In addition, we will tackle issues like low-self-esteem or self-doubt. This will be a therapeutic process of reconditioning. Here we will be confronting any inner demons holding you back.

3. VALUES- What do you stand for? What do you not stand for? What do you or your brand represent? Here we will be building your PERSONALITY.