Nick Hennessy-
Flozone Academy Graduate.

"I'm Nick Hennessy, currently an undergrad with ambitions to get my fiction published and my plays produced. Sume graduated Bennington College before I got there, but I'd heard a lot about him-- he was kind of a campus legend. As soon as we met, I was endeared by his goofy sense of humor and flashy style. We bonded over music, and almost immediately started producing tracks together. I knew Sume had a coaching business, but I was initially skeptical about it-- did I want the guy I was making Rick and Morty-themed hip hop beats for telling me how to live my life?

Last summer, our conversations about music started to take a personal turn. I wasn't good about getting him the tracks on time. My perfectionism and fear of failure, even about a creative project that was purely for fun, became rudely apparent. It came out that we both had past struggles with self-image and anxiety-- Sume might look at first glance like the swaggering guy in sunglasses, but he's also an admirably frank and vulnerable person who owns his past, and he gets other people to open up, too. My creative struggles weren't limited to songs. I also had a manuscript for a novel that I'd been tearing up, reassembling, and second-guessing for over a year, and it was starting to drive me up the wall. And on a day-to-day basis, I was undermining myself with erratic behavior and obsessive self-examination.

I'd already been going to therapy, but Sume's coaching sounded fun, and I was kind of desperate for a new take on creative life, so I thought "maybe I'll try this, too." After one discovery call, I was sold. Fun: yes. Weird: a little. Tough: yes. And kind of exhilarating. So I decided to do more regular sessions. Now I endorse him fully. And no, he did not brainwash me: Sume knows his shit. His quirky blend of mindfulness, audio therapy, visualization technique, physical exercises, and quasi-Jung work with archetypes and narrative tropes really, really worked for me. Now when I have trouble with a project or a situation, it doesn't send me into an obsessive, flaw-seeking tailspin. Since doing Sume's program this winter, I've drafted two full-length plays, a bunch of short stories, made massive headway on the novel, and I'm acing deadlines. I credit him with helping me to sustain that drive, and with the creation of new, effective work habits.

If you work with Sume, be ready to laugh, because humor is a big part of his approach, but also be ready to take the work seriously. Don't second-guess, don't say "Huh, that sounds weird"-- take the damn plunge. Sume's coaching works best if you're willing to take risks. Give it a shot if you're in a tight spot. He's not kidding when he says he's an alchemist".

Rafael Dye- Vet Extraordinaire

"Sume!! This guy is the real deal... I mean, look, this was the first coaching session I have ever had in my life. But it freakin' blew out of the water any expectation that I had for what was going to happen.

This wisdom and knowledge of this dude! What he was able to inspire in me... He's really passionate and dedicated.

He wrote this massive follow up email and recovered everything we talked about with all these links!

It was MONEY.

So if you're thinking about booking a session, DO IT NOW."

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